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These are extraordinary times

The heartbeat of the Republican party beats to the rhythm of democracy no more. The party’s pulse is nearing dangerous synchronicity with Donald Trump’s. But, what would one expect from a party that began to call itself the Grand Old Party less than twenty years after its founding? They stole the nickname from the Democrats anyway. It’s true. Look it up.

Today’s Republican party prefers war over cultural fault lines to a battle of ideas. Under Donald Trump, the GOP failed to produce a party platform for the first time in its 164-year history. Instead, they gave us Dr. Seuss Gate and Potato Head Gate. In February, Representative Jim Jordan called “cancel culture” the “number one issue in America.”

Now, a new breed of Republicans has arisen – one that defines themself by their relationship to Trump rather than a shared ideology. November Coalition opposes the America First caucus and the Congress members and candidates willing to cede Congressional authority and power to Donald Trump.

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