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We’re fighting against the America First caucus

These are extraordinary times. The collective hearts of the Republican party no longer beat in step to the rhythm of democracy. Instead, the cacophonic mélange has transformed to an irregular pulse nearly in lockstep with the heartbeat of Donald Trump.

Since the election, Trump has increased his hold on the GOP, making clear the threat that a 2022 Republican-led Congress subservient to Trump poses. Democrats must put forth the same effort in the coming election that led to the wins in 2018 and 2020 elections.
Our goal is to reduce the influence of the America First caucus in Congress. We define the caucus, loosely, as those members of Congress who are participating in Donald Trump’s takeover of the GOP. Our choice of targets will mostly be determined by algorithm. In short, we target Trump allies who have the highest likelihood of defeat for the lowest amount of spending. .

November Coalition is an FEC-registered organization that aims to help Democrats maintain control of Congress in 2022. We run a data-driven operation informed by experience, analysis and study.
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