Why We Exist

In the last days of spring in 2015, a small crowd watched Donald Trump descend an escalator to the Trump Tower atrium, where he stood in front of a wall of American flags and announced his bid for president. Trump's ascendancy to the White House introduced two disturbing elements into an already polarized American politics. The first was the introduction of a long-dormant brand of American fascist politics. The second was the injection of conspiratorial thinking into mainstream American politics. The Qanon conspiracy theory would combine these elements into a dangerous ideology.

The world of QAnon, it turns out, is an ideal place for the myth of a stolen election to fester. The dangerous nature of QAnon became apparent to all when its followers stormed the U.S. Capitol building on January 6. This violent insurrection halted certification of the Electoral College in the afternoon. Certification would continue that night once order was restored in the capitol.

Anti-Democratic forces are now at work in America. Not in the dark corners of the internet but in full view of the public. Trump's allies in Congress helped spread the myth of a stolen election, and 148 of them voted against accepting the electors of at least one state.

The politicians who helped spread the big lie made a Faustian bargain. They sold the American public the fable of a rigged election and received in exchange a Trump endorsement and a primary pass. No American should be willing to discard Democracy for partisan passions. That they do so while hijacking patriotism makes us sick. We vow to oppose Donald Trump and his Congressional allies.

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