About Us

Why we oppose the America First movement
America First is the Tea Party on steroids. Combine the philosophy of the Tea Party with the ruthless pursuit of power and unwavering loyalty to Donald Trump, and you have the America First movement.

They support partisan election audits, but reject a bipartisan insurrection investigation. They spread the lie of a stolen election, lie about the January 6 insurrection, and pass voter suppression bills. 
America First is a movement defined by loyalty to Donald Trump and support of his policies. That’s the definition Marjorie Taylor-Greene gave two weeks before being sworn into Congress. This allegiance has far-reaching consequences, as we’ve seen with Republican views on COVID and Trump’s claims about the 2020 election. When loyalty takes precedence over truth, the politics associated with representative government becomes impossible. 
In April, a leaked document revealed a plan to form an America First caucus in Congress. The nativist/racist tone of the document was met with an uproar. Plans to launch the new caucus were scrapped. Sadly, several GOP members of Congress publicly announced their interest in joining the caucus before the plan was nixed.
America First is an authoritarian movement whose believers have no respect for democratic traditions. Many of its practitioners share Trump’s paranoid style of politics and his belief that politics is a zero-sum game. Today’s Republican party is caught in a death spiral that is a threat to American democracy.

Strategic Goals 

* Prevent Donald Trump from getting re-elected. Trump stressed the system of checks and balances during his first presidency. Does anyone doubt he would be more aggressive with a second term as president?

* Improve Senate majority. Whoever holds the majority determines which bills come up for vote, what oversight committees will investigate, and the rules of the Senate. If Democrats had held the majority during Trump’s first impeachment, the Senate would have called witnesses.

* Maintain House majority. Marjorie Taylor- Greene wanted 51515to impeach Biden on her first day in Congress. America First politicians are not interested in governing. They are only interested in power.

* Attain a majority of majorities in the House of Representatives. If no candidates for president reach 270 electoral votes, the House decides the election by vote, but with a caveat. Each state only gets one vote, with its winner chosen by a majority of House representatives from that state. Currently, Republicans have a slight advantage if this vote were to occur.

* Defeat America First candidates for Congress. Though defeating the America First movement is the overall goal, from a strategic standpoint,